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1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX535GPU, Apple A4 chipset
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Logitech S715i

Logitech S715i

  • Plays and charges your iPod and iPhone
  • Powerful balanced sound from eight custom-tuned speaker drivers
  • Portable design, travel case and rechargeable battery for up to eight straight hours of music wherever you go
  • Wireless remote lets you control music functions from up to 30 feet away
  • Trayless dock works with iPhone and any iPod with a Universal Dock Connector
Tình trạng: Đặt trước
Nguyên hộp gồm: 1 loa, 1 sạc, jack audio, 1 bao da
Bảo hành: 03 tháng tại Nam Việt
Số lược xem: 2,238 (Tính từ ngày: 20/05/11 )
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Features that I really like:
1. Dual voltage, which is great for overseas travel.
2. Comes with power adapter.
3. AUX-IN capability has been very useful for plugging in to my laptop for movies.
4. They did away with the iPod inserts, and the design ingeniously allows whatever iPod you insert to rest against a back stop, so that you aren't stressing the connector when you push on the iPod to control it.
5. Remote is simple on features but works very well even when not pointed directly at the unit.

Features that could still be improved:
1. The carry case is more like a dust cover. It is made from the same material those re-usable grocery bags are made from. I am not complaining that it doesn't come with something more substantial at this price, but I do hope that Logitech or some other manufacturer makes something with padding for those of us who travel a lot. I'd be happy to purchase it as an accessory.
2. The AC adapter would be even better if the prongs folded in, as many travel adapters do.
3. You can't use an iPod touch that has a case on it. The docking area narrows toward the bottom making the width a problem--even with slim fitting cases. This just means you have to have a case that comes off easily or one that has a detachable bottom.

Overall I give this a 5 star rating. I waited about a month and a half for this to be released based on initial industry industry reviews (CNET, etc.) and features; I am not disappointed. The sound is great. It is portable. It looks good. It is not extremely expensive. Those all add up to a real winner. I own a Bose Sound Dock (original) and feel that the sound is better on that speaker system--fuller bass and it fills the room a bit better, however the price was double and it is not portable. I challenge anyone to find something higher quality.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Logitech
  • Model: 984-000134
  • Width: 5.0 inches
  • Height: 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Remote Control Description: remote_control
  • Color Name: Black
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